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Pform Series

Beckhoff Control

Siemens Control

CNC tube sizing machines are packed with standard features not found on competitors models which will increase productivity and reduce tooling and equipment requirements. From simple sizing, reducing, and expanding operations to beading, threading as well as various types of projection forming, Pform machines simplify your process requirements. Pform machines come in hydraulic, or fully electric versions up to 400 mm capacity.

SZ Series

SZ series sizing machines allow for simple sizing, reducing, and expanding operations. They come in a capacity up to 150mm.

SZ75 I.D./O.D. end former

XR series CNC and PLC



XR Series machines are available in horizontal or vertical orientation as shown. Standard machines are available in single, double, or triple station configurations allowing a tube to be progressively formed in a single machine saving both floor space and capital equipment costs. The most common use of this type of unit is to expand or reduce tubular components using segmented fingers or jaws. XR series machines are available up to 400mm capacity in either full CNC or manual setup versions.

OB Series

The model OB machine machines are designed to “roll” a form into a tube. These processes include rotary beading and flaring. In the case of a bead, the tube is inserted into a set of clamp dies with a cavity containing the finished outer profile required on the tube. During cycle, an internal tool with the mating profile feeds the material into the clamp cavity while under rotation, creating an external form on the tube similar to the profile cut into the clamp.

OB100 Rotary outfeed beading and Flaring

CNC LR Series

The LR series of end formers are multi hit machines capable of expanding, reducing, flaring, shaping tube ends as well as trimming them to finished length using our interpolation cutting process. The advantage of this forming is that you datum the part once and all forming is achieved without having to move the part.

LR75 CNC 3 position end forming